A Beginning


Well, I finally have the new site up and running through WordPress. It was an interesting week in the making the transition from the old host, but I think it will be well worth it. I spent quite a bit of time messing with plug-ins on the event page, and then I spent some more time messing with a glitch on the home page. It all worked out. I’m up and running here at my new home.

So far I’ve pretty much copied and pasted the content from the old site, but there’s still a lot I want to do with the new capabilities here and a lot of content I want to add. I’m going to start with a very important update. In the next day or so I’ll be editing quite a few of my pages to reflect how my work has changed to include my partner in life and love and many, many of the aspects and circles of my life, AumJah.

if you need me, hug a tree, i am there - for web

Most of the courses I have been teaching on my own, we are now teaching together in partnership. The quality and depth that we are able to bring to these classes when we blend our knowledge, experience, and intuitive capabilities is amazing to me. I am looking forward to sharing this special blend with many, many people throughout the country and the world. We are particularly excited to be developing and presenting a class on Sacred Intimacy at All World Acres in Plant City at the conclusion of the annual Body Magick festival, presented every year by the Temple of Divine Ecstasy.

The launch of this website coincides with some other beginnings in our life together and with Circle of Life Ministries as well. Look for some of the new events on the schedule like the monthly Healing Circle and the weekly Guided Meditation group. I’ll be posting more about those soon.

Until then, Be Blessed…


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